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Whitetail Buck

Modern Camp Cooking

Redefining Hunting Camp Cuisine

As an Outfitter, there's nothing worse than getting back to camp after a long day in the field and then starting to cook for your clients. Your fire isn't lit, the steaks are ice cold and you're totally exhausted from a long day outdoors. We've all been there and it isn't fun.


So, why not leave the cooking to us and we'll leave the hunting to you? Roaming Fire offers one-of-a-kind menu options for Outfitters that want to elevate their hunting camp meals. We'll plan custom menus for your hunt and will be ready to roll when you arrive back at camp for the night.

See a sample 3 day hunting camp menu below.

Venison Crostini

3 Day Hunting Camp Package

Sample Menu

Day One:

Green Chili Red Deer Quesadilla

Red onion, Monterrey jack, tomatillo salsa

Grilled Skirt Steak Tacos

Roaming Fire chimichurri

Charred Broccolini

Burnt lemon, chili flake

Day Two:

Antelope street tacos

South Texas Nilgai, roasted jalapeno  salsa verde

Citrus Grilled Quail

Thyme, huajillo honey

Peach Brined Wild Boar Tenderloin

Brown sugar, ancho chili

Smashed Red Potatoes

Rosemary, olive tapenade

Day Three:

Quail Poppers

Black pepper buttermilk ranch

Roasted Whole Chicken

Lemon, olive oil, garlic, herbs

Whole Roasted Vegetables

Seasonal vegetables, red wine vinegar, rosemary, olive oil

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