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Chef Mike Reeber cooking on the Roaming Fire live-fire rig

Where the fire began...

Chef/Owner Mike Reeber has always been a believer that cooking over a wood burning fire always tastes better. 

As a life long hunter, angler and outdoorsman, some of Mike's earliest memories of live-fire cooking were as a kid where he helped to prepare backcountry meals on hiking and kayaking trips in the Northeast. It was here that his passion for the outdoors and the culinary world started to take shape. 

As the years passed, Mike's interest for hunting and cooking wild-game soared. Season after season, he found himself growing tired of preparing "standard" wild-game recipes, found at so many hunting camps across the country. And it was here that Mike started to conceptualize what a modern approach to cooking wild-game looked like.

After relocating to Texas with his wife in 2015, Mike continued his pursuit of modernizing wild-game recipes, cooking for hunting ranches and writing cooking articles for the Texas Trophy Hunters Association.

And then one night, while sitting around a mesquite fire, the idea of starting a company that blended traditional recipes and showcased modern wild-game dishes began. Mike wanted the ability to visit different ranches and to cook for private groups that wanted to experience a new approach to wild-game.

After discussing the initial concept with the incredible team at Mill Scale Metal Works in Lockhart, the Roaming Fire rig began to come to life and the rest is history.

At its core, Roaming Fire is about sharing great food, a roaring fire and amazing times with family and friends.

Chef Mike Reeber
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